Hope to hear from you. But nothing changed. They are absolutely everywhere! Thanks so much. Photo Credit: PurseForum. Sac Longchamp Le Pliage : authentique et emblématique. Poor quality of leather and nylon. White or black. Extremely well written, easy to reference with great photos and details. thank you for this! LONGCHAMP PARIS I hope you find time to authenticate the pictures I sent to you thru email. Hi. So that’s normal. The color is bright blue with a white interior. Does that mean my new bag is fake? Do you think you can do the same for the Planetes range ? Also my bag does not have the indentation on the other side, but I read that the older models do not have the indentation. 4.3 out of 5 stars 11. The handles are kinda ticking me off though…. I have two small bags and they have it but my large bag does not. Thanks, Ro-Ann Misericordia Thanks for ur entry, it was really helpful for me! Photo Credit: PurseForum, AUTHENTIC OLD MODEL 2. Authentic: Both zippers have 45 and the “T” on them. ProfitezEn Vite! hi bought mine on FB (friends brought from her) i dont know if its authentic or not. 1091519081, Hi, just want to check the top letters & numbers represents? $139.00 (2) Longchamp Le Pliage LGP Logo Square Scarf. Cassandra Valderrama My question is this: should the stitching be perfect? I know she wont doubt me, but I know she’ll have that unspoken doubts she wont tell ( oh Ladies). Not sure if I’m able to return the fake, however I will be sharing my concerns since the site is suppose to have a good reputation for selling only authentic items. BACKSIDE OF LEATHER FLAP $165.00. Fake: Thank you so much !!! The card inside says Sophie, so I guess that is the name of the bag. Help! Thank you . Will send you some of photos on it. All the best. I recently got a Longchamp from Nordstrom so I’m quite sure it’s authentic. Thanks! 0901732 A small short handle tote starts with 1621089, the 3 numbers following that is the color code . Here’s a super detailed guide to train you to spot a fake Longchamp in a matter of seconds and from a few feet away! Best wishes, Di (Now to go and purchase the RIGHT size, this one is massive lol). Is it still authentic? Thanks so much! Everything seemed to be fine except for the code as it’s not listed under the table neither on Longchamp official website. Hi. Image not available. It simply says longchamp modele depose in fat letters. hi susan, recently bought a longchamp le pliage backpack and upon checking, it matches all your detailed descriptions. And, I am not 100% convinced of the stamping authenticity. As i need a proof in order to get my money back. Authentic: The nylon is rather matte and barely reflects light. Hi Susan! Hello Susan Well I have just purchased via e.bay a Black Leather Roseau single handle shoulder bag with toggle !!! If I send you pictures, could you tell if it’s real. , Hi Susan! I got this bag from my friend. Just want to check with you if you can verify if this is authentic based on the tag: NMA PAC/02 If the interior of the Longchamp Le Pliage is white, while the exterior is say, Black, Yellow, or Chocolate – does that mean the bag is fake? Brand Longchamp. But you can still see and a but feel it? Oh, and something else, one of the shoppers seems overly “fuzzy” on the suede-like overleaf of the leather closure flap… and I can’t see the reverse ghost imprint of the horsey on it either! Déplié, il offre espace et élégance avec ses garnitures cuir et ses coloris de saison. Every detail about it matches your description of the older ones perfectly. I got my bag from the Whatshebuys website and it says it is a large but the dimensions match your description for the medium. This is so odd and is now wondering if I have an authentic bag . i already sent you an email as well. Hi Ms. Susan! I just got a Longchamp Roseau shoulder bag from my aunt, I believe this is a vintage bag. Colors that have never been used in Le Pliage Longchamp designs, obviously. The bag has not arrived yet but I am worried it might be fake because when I checked the Longchamp US website, they only have navy and malabar as available colors. It passed all your criteria above, except the handle was about 4cm longer and the color was slightly darker. But we kind of doubted a bit. I have yet to receive mine. Authentic: Has a diamond pattern, caused by relatively straight diagonal lines. I have found a really old Longchamp Handbag, that is in fantastic condition, but I can’t find any information about it. Wow, amazing post, Susan! Feb 04, 2014 @ 01:23. EVERYTHING down to the reinforcements on the snap buttons matches up to my bag EXCEPT one thing: The inner side of my snap does not say Longchamp. Does this mean what I bought is a fake? Du côté des nouveautés phares de la collection Automne-Hiver 2020 Longchamp, n'oublions pas l'iconique sac Longchamp franges Amazone, le nouveau it-bag de la maison Longchamp. An inside pocket is an organizational must-have, while the water-resistant finish provides enhanced utility for … They said it was travel size, but not as big as i see in the original longchamp store.. Hello, It seems it is an older model, based on your info, and everything seems spot-on, EXCEPT there is NO inside tag. Also the code is 1899502217. ?¹?‹?seoul national university ?œ? I haven’t seen it in black in LC stores as well. ?€?™?seoul national university acceptance rate, https://m.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=506284229412225&id=100000919569782&set=a.212079488832702.55187.100000919569782&__user=100000283458280, http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zNP8tFxlISk&feature=related, http://www.whatshebuys.com/long-2724-089.html#.UfjjxtIQanI, http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=200999774181, How to SPOT: Longchamp | The Bag Investigator, http://snobaffair.com/susan/2012/08/how-to-spot-a-fake-longchamp-le-pliage-tote-the-super-guide/, http://www.longchampforsales.com/longchamp-planetes-tote-bag/680-longchamp-planetes-tote-bag-black.html, https://www.facebook.com/Meldyscom/photos/a.717278275036156.1073741895.273958336034821/731125250318125/?type=1&theater, Low Price Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Handbag Featured | Popular Handbags US, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153351836285036&set=a.10153349541810036.1073741937.554970035&type=3&theater, How To Spot A Fake Longchamp “Le Pliage” tote: The Super Guide, Bag Love: SS2013 Ralph Lauren Red Swirl & Tassel Handbag, 457 (Gold Hardware), 876 (Pewter Hardware). Thank you so much, have a great day! MASRAHAYU BT SARMIN Is it similar to the details of a Le Pliage? – Back: The hot-stamped words should be spelled like below. Hi susan,,, I bought my Lepliage for PHP1500. Does it mean mine is fake. Now I know it is real, I will keep it Thank you so much! You said in the article under one of the fake features that the logo can be inverted. My question, can I really tell whether the bag is authentic by checking the item code? . Page. and nordstroms, are theirs from france or china? Here’s something I would like to get help from you though – almost all of my bags are bought from the store either here or in a different country. Mar 25, 2014 @ 16:16, Hello, Wow, great article!! What leads me to believe it’s real, even though it was in a thrift store, I also found some other high end clothes and a pair of Mezlan shoes that I assume came from same person. . Limited Edition long champ has 4-folds care card, it does not show there how to fold, only le pliage have care card with how to fold. MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ – MADE IN FRANCE. The plastic tag inside says Carol. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BN-Longchamp-Classic-Le-Pliage-Large-Tote-Guarantee-Authentic/200963836142?_trksid=p2047675.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222002%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D11%26meid%3D1475694469744787834%26pid%3D100011%26prg%3D1005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D190896153870%26. 00. Inspiré par l'origami, Longchamp réinvente LE PLIAGE, un sac pliable et léger, devenu culte dans le monde entier. Wow – fantastic post! But when I looked closely on the zipper pull, it says ‘LONCCHAMP’ even the snaps on the leather flap says the same. The front flap has the logo and also a line underneath it that looks clean and detailed unlike the emboss logo on fake Longchamps, but underneath the flap, the leather is smooth and a pretty dark tan color that has no emboss on the inside reverse flap. How do I know if my LC LM metal red Large is authentic, i bought it from Q0010. (Height 30cm, width 31cm, depth 19cm) Many thanks! Might wanna add 018 in your color chart. It looks like something between indigo and royal blue. Also, i would like to verify My seller’s statement. Thanks for such a comprehensive guide! As far as I am concerned, there is not one image or person is carrying the same bag or is on the website nor shops I can find. Yes the seller does ship to the US, the rate is AU$20. I have a small and medium “SHOPPING” bag, and I noticed that the small version (which is older than my medium one) had a more prominent and visible indentation than the medium. longchamp france pas sac à main Go . sac longchamps pliage pas cher,solde sac longchamp Saturday, December 1, 2012. longchampsparis.net is selling cheap sac longchamp. Hi I’m sorry I need pictures! All of this information was super helpful! really helpful . Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. can you please help me authenticate this? I would really appreciate any help and answers! However, there is one which I bought from an online seller. LONGCHAMP 3D Sac à dos S. $855.00. 3. I purchased a longchamp neo bag medium short handle online. Feb 18, 2014 @ 11:52. This is such a helpful guide! I have bought in Dublin, France and London and they are all made in China so sad because I purposely waited on buying one until I went to France and I didn’t notice until i came across this website. I have a pink longchamp backpack with the code 1699089883. I just want to inform you that there are lots of “Class 7a” out in the market. Because mine doesnt have one. The following prices should be applicable whether you are buying in Paris or any other parts of Europe. Our Le Pliage nylon bags comes with the tube underneath or inside the leather handles to ensure stability and sturdiness for the straps. (OR worse, someone bought a real one and returned it with a fake one) Hey gen! I’ve seen so many posts in sulit.com that are claiming to sell “authentic” large long handle longchamp bags (am eyeing to buy a patch poney).. Hello! I think the praline is discontinued and I really want that specific color. i have never owned a longchamp bag before and since i am going to purchased a pre-owned longchamp neo tomorrow, i thought i might want to read up abit on what to look out for when i meet the seller to check on the bag tomorrow. What does happen often (it happened to mine) is: Can you please confirm if you received it? 5. Teresa A. Cabanus Hi Susan! Any chance these might be authentic? I just bought a LC on ebay. Ce sac shopping séduit par sa silhouette minimaliste et son volume spacieux, dans lequel se glisseront aisément des documents A4 ou un ordinateur. I find this very helpful. Wow. OMG. No the Large and XL do not come in long handles. Find great deals on eBay for sac longchamp longchamp le pliage. I don’t see Opera as a color on your chart. Raisha. Thank you for this guide!!! It is really apreciated if you can help. I was wondering if you know much about the Longchamp Quadri crossbody in navy. Any recommendations? The bag she bought is a medium sized All Black Le Pliage with full black leather straps. 4.0 out of 5 stars 5. It’s the mini de pliage. However, I cannot find any tag that show where the bag was made in or serial number. Do you know of a seller on ebay that sells authentic LE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODÈLE DÉPOSÉ. This really is THE super guide. I’ve bought a Le Pliage M with long handles in taupe, but there is no tag inside? Ses longues anses vous offrent un porté épaule confortable, tandis que sa fermeture zippée permet de transporter vos affaires en toute sécurité. I am still worried. Grand Choix de Sacs Bandouliere. Spacious and light, the LE PLIAGE NÉO is the ideal companion for the modern city woman. Pack your clothes and other belongings in an expandable duffel bag for a short weekend getaway, or fill a Le Pliage backpack with snacks, drinks … Hi, I wonder if you also have a “how to spot fake longchamp le pliage neo” blog? Could you check if this longchamp bag is authentic!? General. Le sac Longchamp se décline en plusieurs modèles et coloris, unis ou avec des motifs. It’s like a pink/peachy color. I have really enjoyed your article, it is the most in-depth and interesting Longchamp one that I have read through. What’s the code for the patch poney pls? Thanks heaps for your help, Thanks for the wonderful guide Susan! Hi! Is your bag new? – Front: The Longchamp Jockey logo is perfectly centered. https://m.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=506284229412225&id=100000919569782&set=a.212079488832702.55187.100000919569782&__user=100000283458280. If not, I can always re-send it. All seems to be authentic base on the above suggestions but what bothers me is the color code of it. thanks! Was: $125.00. Thanks for the great website. Is she better off getting it thru a duty free shop or something on-line or would the on-line prices be better. If you look closely, the leather has a subtle uneven color finishing with lighter and darker area. Hi Susan, I recently purchase it on IG. I just bought a Planetes online and I would like to make sure that it’s authentic! Longchamp Le Pliage 21-Inch Water Resistant Nylon Travel Bag. It is the older model le Pliage DRAWSTRING BACKPACK. $245.00 $ 245. These holes are caused from wear when the totes are filled and/or are used to carry heavier items such as books.” The hole is there to lock your luggage, over the zipper pull and hole. The G on LONGCHAMP is very close to looking like the C. Maybe send me an email with pictures reallongchamp@snobaffair.com ? I ordered for the classic red and the red stitching on the nylon doubled up on the corner of the pocket. It would be helpful if you can email me a photo of your Cabas (reallongchamp@snobaffair.com). LONGCHAMP sac " pliage " toile et cuir NOIR porté mains - bon état . but its just so hard to determine which is which…. I bought my new Long Champ bag online. How to SPOT: Longchamp | The Bag Investigator It passes all the tests except for the – inside of snap has black reinforcement vs clear disc and the clear tag inside only says “Made in China PO #16161. Agree? I'm happy to spend up to £70/80 but ideally not more. http://www.longchampforsales.com/longchamp-planetes-tote-bag/680-longchamp-planetes-tote-bag-black.html, Hi, this is a very helpful and great article. The listing should have a lot of detailed pictures. I bought a Longchamp Le Pliage some time ago on eBay and just REALLY found out after reading your assessment that it is indeed a REAL Longchamp! You’re code is 2605089450. It’s obvious even in the pictures. STITCHING I’m confused. Any thoughts? You are AWESOME! a little confused regarding the codes. She said she received it as a gift from her friend who bought it in Spain. I was wondering if you could provide me with some links to websites where I could get an authentic longchamp bag. However, my concern is that I did not find a tag inside the bag that states where it was made and any other information to confirm that it is a authentic bag. I have received the bag and have the same issue. The gold snap button on the front.. isn’t always super upright. I honestly don’t know much about the bag and I want to sell it on eBay. Hi ———-The old version of Large Long Handle Tote, “SHOPPING”: 2724089###, Small Short Handle Tote, TYPE “S”: 1621089### Hi Susan. As soon as it came in the mail I used your guide to determine it an authentic piece and I couldnt be more excited!!!! I recently bought a Victoire from an online seller and it has a pocket inside, same side as the flap. sac longchamp eBay. – Jenn. Longchamp Shoulder Bag Blue Ladies Bag Sac Le Pliage Néo Handbag. Is there really such size as Large Long handle? 2. Thanks a lot for this blog post, it was very helpful in confirming and verifying the legitimacy of the Longchamp bag I purchased!!! I’ve checked all the other features and it matches on the aunthentic ones. I’m so glad I found this! ... Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Top-Handle Bag Medium Black One Size. Wouldn’t this misfortune of getting a fake longchamp bag be avoided by buying it from the longchamp website or from a reputable store like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom? It seemed like every other woman owned one — which was the exact reason why I resisted buying one for years. Hi- just wanted to let you know I’ve sent a link to an Ebay listing, if you have time I’d love to hear your opinions! $140.00 $ 140. I hope to hear from you soon Thank you. I’m On EBay Looking For A Long champ Of course you can! The plastic tag has MADE IN FRANCE on it, and the leather tag has 548068 6CJR stamped on one side ( in ink).The other side has LONGCHAMP 1946 with the horse/jockey above it – both are within an oval ( it looks as if it is embossed on there -raised). Though, if you manage to find the old “medium long handle tote”…the size of the bag is bigger! I am just concern on the shiny description of the nylon. None what-so-ever. Real receipts and tags, stickers can be transferred to a fake bag. While the one I bought after inspecting it, it was folded and wrapped up after I paid for my purchase. I think I have same question here. Thanks! Wow! Free shipping and returns on Longchamp 'Le Pliage - Large' Tote Bag at Nordstrom.com. WOW! do all bags have a tag inside with #’s. They sell only the original bag. sac longchamps 39 € sac a main longchamp 1948 sac longchamp prix cuir, İndirim Fırsatları, sac a main longchamp kaki, sac pliage longchamp xxl jeux? Thanks so much! Thanks! I just got my small pliage today and I’m so glad it passed all the tests in your site. For one, the embossing is a bit “lighter”, less “imprinted” into the leather. The binding is usually the same color as the strap or in some cases, mimics the black edge of the real deal. There was an official display and all. I am not 100% convinced this is genuine ….it has very smooth stiff almost hard shiny leather it does have the zip pulls marked with the 4 5 .It has the round Longchamp ring pull on zip and the small Longchamp zip pull on the inner zip with 4 5 on the shank ….The Toggle is a soft gold ..the lining is plain black …the oval Longchamp embossed stamp looks as if it’s stitched to the front with black stitching Imaculately stitch .The gold stud that holds the adjustable strap is stamped Longchamp Paris .The material does not smell of leather but does have a knap like backing the pattern if any on the material is fairly smooth wavy lines not blobs or bubbles !!! Ya if you check the guide, it does state that the newest versions are written like that! Was: $235.00. The one I have acquired is “FAKE”. I just wonder if there is a distinct smell of the inner lining, what I got smells like a newly printed tarpaulin. . Hi Susan. Do some of the special edition models not have words imprinted on the back? – The round zipper pull reads “LONGCHAMP” on top of the jockey logo and “1948” below, on both sides. I purchased a bag at a consignment store the measurements match up to the XL bag with short handle, black flap and handles. It’ll be my first one. The snap underneath the flap has ORIGINAL (6/4B?) May 14, 2013 @ 08:01. Thanks for posting those subtle details , you are a great resource. the color matched with the indigo but the code isn’t the same. keep up the good work. One has to have owned or looked closely at many bags in a long time, say a year, to be able to tell. – For the Short-handled totes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large (i.e: Type “M”, Type “L”, and Type “XL”), the zipper pulls are not gold, but are pewter in color (“gunmetal”?) I know the only REAL guarantee is purchasing my self from an authentic retailer, and this was just a thrift. I just received my Lonchamp Le Pliage today and while reading the info about your blog some of it doesnt matched. think my colour is actually mint (hence the white lining) although it does look more like the cedar portrayed in your photo – sorry for confusion! Can you help authenticate this bag? I’m glad you found my post helpful! Because the recent pliage leather flaps are rather rough. Hi Susan! I think you mean that it’s 18.5 inches lying flat? Wonderful information. I wish you could also blog (and warn people about) high quality replicas which are usually sold 50% off than its original price. I was wondering if you can do one on backpacks too, it’ll be great to read it. Haha getting another Longchamp? Those minute details will make you believe the bag is authentic! I think my bag matched almost everything you mentioned except the code on the white translucent tag… Hello, can you pleasee help me authenticate my Longchamp bag? I plan on purchasing another soon. Or you can tell the salesperson to give you a Made in France regular Le Pliage. I’m verifying that my tote is authentic. At the end of the day, you’re wearing the purse and not the card. I think this may be the Longchamp Tote – Planetes Medium. Mine is Le Pliage small long handled with the code 2605089018 and it’s pink in color. I do have a question though; My bag is presumably an older model(due to the zipper pull reading Made in Paris, Made in France), handed down to me by my cousin several years ago. LONGCHAMP PARIS I am a big fan of Longchamps and I am SO glad for your guide. Is this authentic? Google found some images but the indigo one is really the closest… But the lining is white…. Thank you sooooooooo much! Thank you! I just ordered a medium short handle (my other one is a large shopping) and maybe wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known the quality wasn’t going to be that great. Is this a fake? I just wanna clear this thought, is it normal to have the transparent plastic cover for the handles. Hi mam joan were in a same situation i just bought it last week longchamp neo bag medium short handle online and there is no YKK in the zipper but at bottom zipper has vislon YKK still im not so convince if this a real one. Thank you for your message and for your interest in our product. – The lining has a smooth rubbery texture. So it’s a Small Long Handle Tote (Code 2605) (089=Pliage line). 2020 - Deux pour le prix d’un !!! Check for the hyphen ( – ). Check that the first accent mark on the E is pointing down to the right. Every detail matches, only that my bag does not have the embosed longchamp logo at the back of the flap. Just needed to check, anyone knows if all the wordings on the flap and the rest tallies with what’s written, but the inside tag reads Made in Roma. My goodness. Hi Susan – Just a quick follow up. You are such a fabulous resource! I find your post really helpful. I’d like to know if I can email you a pic or something. This is indeed a super guide! THANK YOU! Im not so sure if this is an authentic bag since it doesn’t really comply with all the standards. I measured the bag using the guide — 12×7 (fail) Only minor issue I have is that there’s no tag inside that indicates where the bag is made in. 00. Hi! I t was purchsed from Harrods so not worrying about it being a fake! Thanks so much! pls tell me if its fake? Also, the bag sat in a cold closet in my home for many years. Susan. What is scary with this bag is that everything see,ed to check out at first but wheny ou compare to a bag that you know is authentic, the “defects” start showing up. Color Grey. (Counterfeiters have managed to learn how the serial numbers are written on the tags, one of the many reason is due to public guides such as this — no offense to the author whom I believe just wanted to help) so seeing the correct model number on the tag DOES NOT GUARANTEE you have an authentic Longchamp. I purchased an older model off of ebay and everything matched up perfectly except for when I received it the interior handles where they connect to the bag are not exposed leather…it is the same type of diamond pattern leather on the flap. all other details seem to prove that its authentic, except that indentation. , Hi Susan , recently I have bought 3 longchamp bags, and the bag had the right hardware as what you mentioned but there is a clear strip inside said longchAmp Paris made in china , it is still consider as synths tic? Do I have a fake?? – Does not have a “YKK” and “T” on both sides of the zipper, and a “45”. FREE Shipping. Mine is the small shopping version and the guide, which is absolutely excellent, indicates that it IS the real thing in every detail. I have LM Metal Gold but the material is smooth even the inside . I appreciate this post. On all the other points my bag passes , Was also just wondering what interior does the satchel neo fantasie have plse. I will share this post to my friends.:). All the other points seem to make it genuine. 4. Thanks in advance! I just bought a le pliage bag and everything checks out from the flat straps, size, stitching, inner lining colour, inside tag and appropriate code, zipper ’45’ and ‘ykk’ markings, zipper pull detailing, plastic snap reinforcements. Free shipping and returns on Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote at Nordstrom.com. Handles are flat, zipper has Ykk and 45, snap is reinforced, logo is raised on flat (but no line underneath) and you can feel the indentation inside. One question: when you list the dimensions of the “M” — you say it’s 20.5 inches long lying flat, but also that it’s 20.5 inches from zipper pull to zipper pull! Its mo This backpack has a large compartment, padded straps and an outside pocket wearing the line’s signature zipper. Andreas, Hi Andrea! Whats up! It doesn’t apply too much with this because the Neo design is different. IMHO the missed stitch is a tell-tale sign. Loll. The button has a plastic disc around it. Again, everything else indicates it’s original. https://www.facebook.com/Meldyscom/photos/a.717278275036156.1073741895.273958336034821/731125250318125/?type=1&theater, Hi, I recently bought my wife a victoire. Browse our recommendations for something similar. I have a question. (Not that I am doubting the friend; it’s just that there are so many “class A” counterfeits around now. I’m not sure where you are from but I know most of the Longchamp Pliage bags in the States and Canada are Made in China.

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