To the New World! The Heroes' Reunion! Admiral Kizaru’s Light Speed Kick!! The Guy Who’s the Closest to Invincible? The Worst Man in the Eastern Seas! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream! Demon-Slasher Zoro vs. Ship-Slasher T-Bone! The Secret of Our Commander! The Merciless Interference! Led by a Bell's Sound! The Truth Behind the Disappearance! Mothers Are Strong! Zoro, Stunned! The Day the Sea Train Cried! The Holyland in Tumult - The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! The Headliner! Whitebeard vs. the Blackbeard Pirates! A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! The Dancer Girl - Violet! Beautiful Mermaids! Pirate Butler, Captain Kuro! A Noble Family! A Collision of Haki! Operation SOP Starts! Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Chopper's Emergency Operations! Desperate Situation! Back to Our Captain! Nami and the Fish-Man Pirates! Law and Zoro Finally Appear! The Battle is Over! Fight Wapol's Crew! Fish-Man Arlong's Fierce Assault From the Sea! The Flying Big Mom, Pudding's Determination - Ablaze! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man! Launching the Counter Attack! Jaya, City of Gold in the Sky! Bounty! The Second Samurai! The Powerful Grizzly Magnum! Scramble Over Robin! Story Arc Episodes Originally aired Series direction Series composition Character design First aired Last aired 1: … Luffy vs. Doflamingo! A Man Who Fought Against the King of the Pirates! Risking Their Lives! Impel Down - Level 5.5! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! The Gentleman Skeleton's True Identity! A Heartbreaking Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 1, A Heartbreaking Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 2. Coming to an End! Fiery Kicks! Nightcore | One Piece Opening #8. Prince! It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, and has been collected into 94 tankōbon volumes. Take Good Care of Him! The Fire Fist Strikes! A Living Hell - Luffy, Humiliated in the Great Mine, The Holy Land in Tumult - The Yonko Blackbeard Laughs Boldly. Epic Showdown! The Greatest Day - O-Tama’s First Oshiruko. Farewell, Marine Fortress! The Tin Tyrant and Tin Plate Wapol! A Seriously Heated Race! A Reunion at Bandit's Bridge! The Flag of Faith Flies Forever! Chief Jailer Saldeath's Trap! Being a komagitsune, Onimaru heavily resembles a fox, with his fur and tail having a flaming composition, and his pointy ears have a swirly appearance. Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation! Special Attack: Straw Hat Docking? Giolla vs. the Straw Hats! Goodbye My Dear Underlings! Hogback Makes His Appearance! Mysterious Old Man and His Super Yummy Cooking! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-Snake, Hancock's Confession! The True Identity of Doflamingo! The Battle Axe-Carrying Sentomaru. Saving Ace! Luffy and Old Man Hyo! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie! Warriors' Dream! One Piece Nightcore - Bon Voyage (Opening 4), One Piece op21 Full - 'Super Powers' by V6, ONE PIECE OP 20 - HOPE┃Cover by Raon Lee, Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Opening 2 Full『Sky Peace - Ame ga Furu kara Niji ga Deru』 (ENG SUB), Nightcore - Peace Sign [ Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Opening Full ], One Piece OP 20「Hope Piano vers.」Fandub Español Latino【SINAY】, One Piece - "Hope" (Opening 20) | ENGLISH Ver | AmaLee, One Piece Nightcore - Kokoro no Chizu (Opening 5), One Piece Opening 21 - Super Powers (V6) || Nightcore, One Piece Nightcore - Hands Up! Korsan Kral Gold Roger, bu dünyadaki herşeyi elde eder ve idam edilirken, tüm servetinin Grand Line'da olduğunu, onu arayıp bulmaları gerektiğini söyler. To the Friend Waiting Under the Distant Sky. Fated Mother and Daughter! Startling! A Grand Sight: Dock #1! Collision of Two Men's Pride! Brook vs. the Mysterious Torso Samurai! The Power of a Full Stomach - New Gear Fourth Tankman! Great Moves by the Twirly Hat Crew! The Day the Sea Train First Ran, Spandam's Scheme! The One Fell Swoop Plan! A Mysterious Mermaid Appears? A Big Rice Cake Tossing Race at the Castle! Adventure in the City on the Water! The Mysterious Band of Pirates! The Pirates' Song and a Small Whale! Head for God's Shrine! Priest Shura! The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo! Spiders Café at 8 O’Clock! One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy who became a rubber man after accidently eating a Devil Fruit. In his quest, Luffy builds his crew and continues on his adventure to find the mysterious treasure One Piece. A Surprising Result of Block D! Sanji and the Straw Hat Bento. A Raid! A Captivating Flavor - Sanji's Cake of Happiness, The Man of Humanity and Justice - Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current. Sanji's Shock! Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Straw Hats Start to Fight! Something Has Happened to Hordy! Fish-Men vs. the Luffy Pirates! Snow Falls Over the Parting Sea! Zoro and Kuina's Vow! I Will Get Much, Much Stronger! Destructive! One Shot One Kill! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! Nightmare Luffy Makes His Appearance, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Wiped Out! The Tea Party from Hell, A Secret Meeting! Luffy vs. Crocodile! The Kindhearted Man's Final Fight! A Tale of Chivalry! The Warrior Known as the "Devil!!" Blackbeard and Shiryu of the Rain! The Girl Was Called a Devil! Chopper vs Ohm, the Sword Wielding Priest. Vivi Tells the Story of Her Adventure! The Force That Could Destroy the World! Nico Robin: The Woman Who Draws Darkness! I Will Surpass You! The Musician, Humming Brook! Jonathan's Surefire Secret Tactic! One Piece (Japanese: ワンピース Hepburn: Wan Pīsu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Eternal Farewell? Admiral Fujitora's Surprising Decision! Monsters Appear! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger, The Forbidden Secret - Katakuri's Merienda. From the Sea, a Friend Arrives! Chief of Staff - Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora! Invincible! Last Hope for Escape! The Moment of Big Mom's Assassination, Cutting the Father-Son Relationship - Sanji and Judge, Escape From the Tea Party! Luffy’s Feelings! Luffy Gets Angry! Vice-Admiral Garp’s Parental Affection. A Swordplay Showdown! Brook's Past! Shanks Makes a Move! Defeat Thriller Company's Trap, Landing! The Fighting Fish Strike! Farewell to the Survivors! Charge in, Straw Hats! The End of the Legendary Man! His Name Is Sniperking! Ace and Luffy! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry! The Linchpin to the Reckless Era! A Jail Break at the Sky Island and the Incident on the Winter Island! A Savage Animal Stands in the Way! A Recipe Handed Down! The Straw Hats Defeated?! Lucy in Trouble! A Great Adventure on the Back of the Giant Elephant! Resounding Bad News! Drifting to the Fish-Man Island! Filtreler. The Sword Technique Heats Up! Farewell to the Brave Pirates! Priest Gedatsu! A Big Turnover! Win Through the Sumo Inferno! Luxurious and Gorgeous! Bon Clay's Cries From the Heart! A Reunion in Hell?! The Great Shadow-Seizing Pirate's Trap! The True Identity of the Toy Soldier! The Straw Hat Pirates Are the Culprits? Meowban Brothers vs. Zoro! The Power That Can Burn Even Fire! A Big Surprise! Luffy Cuts Through! The Queen's Return to the Kingdom! Hoist the Counterattack Signal! The Navy's Strongest Lineup in Position! Zoro vs. Hatchan the Octopus! The Kingdom in Shock! Legendary Assassins Descend! Whitebeard's Trump Card for Recovery! Sending a Shock Wave! The Fierce Fight Begins! Bu olaydan sonra herkes Grand Line'a gider. Official Site Forum The Return of Captain Buggy! The Adventures of the Revolutionary Warrior Sabo! The Most Heinous Power! ONE PIECE [OP21] "Super Powers" - (ENGLISH Cover) | DAVE & Co. Show the world what you are playing with ChordU. Luffy Rises! Zoro's Deadly Attack! The Man Who Will Save Dressrosa! The Threat of Mole - Luffy's Silent Fight! The Rupture Human! CP9 Takes Off Their Masks! A Terrifying Mysterious Power! The Last Light of Hope! The Almighty Eneru! They possess a humanoid figure with a hand resembling a human's and sharp almond eyes with red irises that have thin circles surrounding the pupils. The Bond Between Father and Daughter! Last-Ditch Sword Dance! Head for the Grand Line! To Annihilate the Straw Hats! Luffy's Mournful Cry! For His Friend! Sanji's Full Course of Foot Techniques! The Kids' Hideout Has Been Built! First, the eccentric Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece) joins the fight with his hot pink feather coat. The Legendary Lost Island! Kitetsu III and Yubashiri! Mom's Assassin - Luffy and the Seducing Woods! The Pirate Alliance's Great Advance! Anger Explosion! Fujitora Takes Action! The Showdown Has Come! The Dream Vowed to Vivi! The G-5 Wiped Out! The Straw Hat’s Hard Battles! A Hungry Front - Luffy and the Marine Rookies! DİKKAT! Freedom Taken Away! A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! Jimbei vs. Arlong! So far 960 episodes of One Piece have been aired. We Are Your Friends!! The Survival Game Begins! Zoan-Type Devil Fruit! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart! The Exterminated Capital! The Monster Snake, Shogun Orochi! The Pirate Alliance's Operation Launches! The Great Swordsman Zoro Falls at Sea! Dragon Claw Strikes! One Unnatural Phenomenon After the Next! Disembarking on Thriller Bark! Arriving! The manga can currently be broken down into 9 parts, following the feats of the Straw Hat Pirates: the East Blue Saga, the Alabasta Saga, the Sky Island Saga, the Water 7 Saga, the Thriller Bark Saga, the Summit War Saga, the Fish-Man Island Saga, the Dressrosa Saga, and the Yonko Saga. To the Land of Samurai where Cherry Blossoms Flutter. One Piece Hype is a place where we write and talk and think a lot about One Piece Chapter 1000 and pop culture! Usoland Charges Forth! The Navy Has Set Out! The Secret Revealed! Returning the Sake Cup! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime! Mock Town, the Town of Ridicule! Uncontrollable! Looking for the Answer! Decision Time for Luffy! The Assassins Attack! Robin Betrayed! Showdown in a Heat Haze! Usopp Speaks the Truth About Nami! To the Navy Headquarters! Shirahoshi's Life in Jeopardy! The King of Animals That Overlooks the Sea! Protect You to the End! The Harsh Reality Falls Upon Luffy! The Truth Behind Her Betrayal! The Illusory All Blue! Track Down the Missing Great Cherry Tree! Showdown in the Ruins! Alabasta's Hero and a Ballerina on the Ship! Spa Island! The Pirate Crew Lands on the Island! Orders to Annihilate the Straw Hat Crew. The Final Combat Round! A Hero Who Freed the Slaves! Zoro vs. Kaku, Powerful Sword Fighting Showdown! Unassailable! Devil Fruit Powers! The Legendary Whitebeard's Son Appears! Decken Close Behind! Nightcore • One Piece OP 19 • We Can! The Motive of the World Government! The Demon of the Ocean Strikes! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! Luffy vs. Luffy, The End of the Battle Is Nigh! Off to Rescue Ace! All-Out Special Power Battle!! 15031795 results for "nightcore one piece opening 19 full back on departure" View Nightcore One Piece Opening 19 Full Back On Departure The Island Where Snow Lives! Tarih : 18 Kasım 2018 - 08:39:51. Now, Let's Get Back Our Memories! A Special Retrospective Before Marineford! Kick Down the Fake Wedding, A Clear-Clear History? Elegy for a Lying Wolf! The New Fleet Admiral of the Navy! Rebecca Is Kidnapped! The Twirly Hat Crew Arrive! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci! The Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma, Oars + Moria! Pirate Luffy vs. God Eneru! Pirate Fleet Chief Commander Ghin! Marco! Jango the Hypnotist! Sail the White Sea! One Piece is a Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name and has 956 episodes. The Red Hot Decisive Battle! The Pirate Ship Disappears! Broggy’s Bitter Tears of Victory! Kyros' All-Out Attack! Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikes! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily, Hurry Back to Your Friends! The Three Swords Style! A Sad Departure of a Boy! A Mysterious Forest Full of Candies - Luffy vs. Chapter 1000. by Tortuga Çeviri, 2020.12.26 . The Sky Knight and the Gate in the Clouds! Great Search in the City of Water! Making a Sortie! The Flare-Flare Fruit Power Returns! A Bunch of Animals? Chapter 998. by Tortuga Çeviri, 2020.12.11 . My Name is Pell, Guardian Deity of the Country! Setting Out With a Smile! Punk Hazard Explodes! Miracle in the Drum Rockies! Reunited With Dark King Rayleigh! [F#m D E A C#m Bm] Chords for Nightcore - One Piece Opening 20 - Hope with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. The Ultimate Team Has Formed! A Deadly Infiltration! The Great Battle on the Slope! A Rocky Road! Dalton’s Resolve! No Escape!? Don't Mess With the Whitebeard Pirates! And the Most Dangerous Man! An Order to Execute Neptune Issued! Luffy in Big Trouble! Hunter Sanji Makes an Entrance? Bu bölüm birden fazla grup veya çevirmen tarafından hazırlanmıştır. A Battle in the Heat! A Battle Between Father and Son - Judge vs. Sanji! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! Operation Utopia Commences! Buggy's Chaos-Inducing Plan! To Save Her Friends! Luffy and Zoro Use the Strongest Combo! Sengoku's Strategy in Action! The Straw Hat Pirates vs. CP9! Emperor Big Mom's Assassins! The Heated Block B Battle! Zenny of the Island of Goats and the Pirate Ship in the Mountains! Get to Building R! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Bubble Master Kalifa! Landing at the Maiden Island! Enter God Eneru! Start to Counterattack! You're the Weird Creature! Everyone Finally Has a Bounty! Luffy's King Kong Gun of Anger! Luffy vs. Grount. The Vow of the Brotherhood! Luffy and Coby Collide! The Battle Ends! Nami's My Friend! The Bond Between the Mink Tribe and the Crew! The Captains Square Off! Thank You, Merry! Feelings for "Vearth!". The Forbidden Move: Venom Demon! Ticking Down to the Time of Battle! Luffy and Law's Great Escape! Open the Second Gate! The game used many of the lastest webgame technology to greatly enhance the game’s overall presentation. A Collision! Miracle on Skypiea! Everyone Makes a Great Escape! Zoro's Self-Willed Deadly Struggle! The Stunning Secret of Trebol! A Huge Tomb and the Panty Debt! Watch all episodes of One Piece and follow Monkey D. Luffy on his quest to claim the greatest treasure, the legendary One Piece, and become the Pirate King. A Desperate Situation! My Enemy Is the Immortal Princess, Perona Is Terrified!! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant! The Horror of the Raigo's Advent!! Sanji's Food and Ghin's Debt! The Next Stop: The Great Prison! The Straw Hats Get Separated! Finally Time to Go! Second Gear Activated! The Deadly Pact - Luffy & Bege's Allied Forces! How's Tricks? Demon God Zoro! She Loves Sweets! Heralding the "New Era!". Sanji's Stolen Dream, Save Me, Hero!! Bon Clay’s Rapid-Fire Ballet Kenpo! The Rain-Summoning Powder and the Rebel Army! Our Bodies Vanish! Miss Kaya's Desperate Resistance! Ace and Whitebeard's Past! Desperate Struggle in the Lost Forest! Who's the Mysterious Pretty Girl? The Fierce Captain Karoo! The Legendary Hero Usoland! Luffy Back in Action! Save Zunisha - The Straw Hat's Rescue Operation! Two Emperors of the Sea Meet?! World's Greatest Power and Pirate Blackbeard. Usopp Dead?! It's an Emergency! The Power That Will Shorten One's Life! Nami's Decision! A Cheeper of Giant Birds and a Pink Showdown! The True Identity of Hordy! It's On - The Special Operation to Bring Down Kaido! Silver Fox Foxy! World Seeker puts players in the role of Luffy from a third-person perspective. Mansion of Great Chaos! Get the Hang of It! A Sudden Tragedy! Big Names Duke It Out! Sad Memories! The Kiss of Death - The Yonko Assassination Plan Begins! Leaving Punk Hazard! To the Sea Someday! The 500 Million Berry Man! Shaking Fish-Man Island! Season No. The Gray Terminal in Crisis! Momonosuke and Kin'emon! The Escapee Team in Trouble! The Encircling Walls Activated! Smash the Wave! Luffy Falls! How It Ends! Showdown at High! Luffy at the End of His Tether! Climb the Drum Rockies! Sanji vs. the Invincible Pearl! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island! The Ancient Weapon Pluton! One Piece Online let you become a great pirate and lead your team to One Piece treasure! Luffy, to Marineford! Here Comes Sabo! Franky's Past! A Samurai Who Can Cut Fire! The Judicial Island! Shirahoshi's Tears! Block D Battle Begins! Pirate Abduction Incident! To the Place We Promised in 2 Years! Proving His Merit at the Marine Dining Hall! An Explosive Situation! One Man's Determination - Katakuri's Deadly Big Fight. Operation Failed! Tashigi's Tears! Break Through the Encircling Walls! Mighty Leaders Face Each Other Down! Profound Mystery! A Fist of Divine Speed - Another Gear Fourth Application Activated! The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woman! Diamante's Storm of Vicious Attacks! Sanji on the Brink of Quitting! To the Reverie - Princess Vivi and Princess Shirahoshi! A Blade of Tenacity! The Desperate Scream! The Kozuki Family and the Poneglyphs! 10% Survival Rate! Fierce Sword Attacks! Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat! A Threat Descends! Commodore Nelson's Secret Strategy! Big Mom of the Four Emperors! The Three-Sword Style's Past! Barrier-Barrier! Chopper vs. Sabo Goes into Action - All the Captains of the Revolutionary Army Appear! The Birth of the Legend! Cannon Fire Is the Signal! Luffy's Father Revealed! In the game, player is selected by … The Quintet for the Finale! Explore! Pirate Dodgeball! Where Can Freedom Be Found? Overwhelming! Its Name Is the New World! 12 Sayı 100 (sayfa 1) ve Bölüm 52, Dragon Loguetown'da görülür. That Man Is the Humming Swordsman! Invulnerable Luffy! The First Line of Defense? Usopp and Untruthful Share the Same "U", Slashes Dancing on the Roof!! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cidre, Special Edition! The Zombie's Secret! A Bond of Friendship Woven by Tears! So far 960 episodes of One Piece have been aired. Here Come the Whitebeard Pirates! Devil Fruit Users vs. Devil Fruit Users! Proud Fantasia Echoes Far! Don’t Stop! Dashing Onto the Scene! Luffy!? Explosion! Luffy vs. Vivi! The Buster Call Invoked! Justice for the Winners! The Second Round of the Duel! Mocha Runs at the Risk of Her Life! To Reach Sanji - Luffy's Vengeful Hell-Bent Dash! Showdown in the Ancient Ruins! The Time Limit Closes In! The Conclusion of the Deadly Battle! An Incarnation of Asura Born From Fighting Spirit! Their Shocking True Faces! Pirates Get On the Move! The Man Who Inherits Ace’s Will! Sonraki Son. The Strongest Tag-Team! The Fire Has Been Set! Shaking up the New World! Luffy vs. Caesar! Excitement Blow-Out! A Spear of Blind Determination! Nami's Determination and the Straw Hat! The Key to a Great Comeback Escape! A Notorious Pirate Ship Has Infiltrated! The Whitebeard Pirates Backed Into a Corner! I’m Going Out to Sea! The Ryugu Palace Is Occupied! Pirate Luffy vs. War Demon Wyper! Boss Luffy Appears Again, Feudal Era Side Story! The Snake Sisters' Haki Power!! The Seducing Woods. Level 3 - Starvation Hell! Deadly Attacks One After Another! The King of the Pirates and His Right Hand Man. Cavendish of the White Horse! The Ferocity of an Ultimate Powerhouse! The Kidnapping of Shirahoshi! The War of the Best Is Finally Over! The Broken Couple - Sanji and Pudding Enter! Wake Up - Kenbunshoku Able to Top The Strongest! Godland, Skypiea! Sanji's Chivalry! Malediction - Departure in Song of Tonoyasu. Wait for Luffy! The Third One! The Enraged Don and the Captured Crew! He is rather large, appearing to be over half the size of the very large kappa Kawamatsu. The Final Moment of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Land of Wano! Angel Island, Obliterated! Ambition Towards the Endless Vearth! Going into Action - The Implacable New Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, The Paramount War - The Inherited Will of the King of the Pirates. Gathering Into a Powerful Front! Duke Dogstorm Appears! Heading for the Ultimate Sea! Peace Interrupted! The Disillusioned Pirate, Puzzle! The End of the Deadly Battle!? Luffy Loses the Fight?! Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors! The Wax-Wax Ball! A Mastermind Underground! Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel! A Lightning Counterattack - Nami and Zeus the Thundercloud! The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! Proud Hajrudin! The Moment of Resolution! The Man Who Is Loved Even by His Ship! Nami's Cyclone Advisory! A Legendary Samurai - The Man Who Roger Admired! The Sun Pirates Split! Trickling Down the Great Battle! Admiral Fujitora's Power! The Shadow-Shadow's Powers in Full Swing, The Incredible Battle Starts! The Fish-Man Island Facing Destruction! The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape! The Three Navy Admirals Come Together! Pulling Back from the Brink - The Formidable Reinforcements Germa! Eliminated Friends! 2:05. Hiyori's Confession! Start Fighting Back! Chopper in Danger! Famous Cook! The Return of the Phoenix! Robin's Past! I Want to See Them! Iva's Esoteric Technique Explodes! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower! Taking Back O-Tama! Nightcore (One Piece - Kokoro no chizu) Dub PT/BR. The Brothers' Bond! A Pirate Group Worth Over 600 Million! The Fierce Onslaught of the Amigo Pirates! 3:06. Sanji's Life Under Threat! Landfall at Loguetown! Unbeatable Powers! Landing Operations Start! Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit! Knock Him Down!! Food, Nami and Shadows!! The Two Awaken! Catch Up With Luffy! Manga. The Extermination Strategy in Action! "Silver Fox" Foxy Returns! Revolutionaries and the Gorging Forest's Trap! A Paradise in Hell! The Strongest Family? Robin’s Sorrowful Decision! A Pirate Ship That Can Only Await Her End! The Top Executive Pica Rises Up! Eneru's True Form Is Revealed! Luffy's Decision! A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa! A Big Collision! The Tragic Night of Dressrosa! The Friends' Whereabouts! Feast of the Zombie Song! Storming Raindinners! Luffy vs. Aokiji! Another Crisis! Jump Towards the Falls! His Name Is Moria! Chapter 999. by Tortuga Çeviri, 2020.12.18 . Sanji vs. the Beautiful Chef! The True Power of the Evil Drug! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! The Execution Begins - Luffy's Allied Forces Are Annihilated!? The Tragedy of Ohara! Luffy, Setting Out for the New World! Sunny and the Dangerous Trap! The Devil's Fist - A Show Down! A Solitary Island in the Distant Sea! The Sisters' Abhorrent Past. The Ryugu Palace in Shock! History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea. Luffy's Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains! The Shadow Hiding in Little Garden! A Town That Welcomes Pirates? Luffy and Law's Ultimate Stratagem! Zoro vs. Baroque Works! Nami's Lightning Attack of Friendship!! The Implacable Three - A Big Chase After the Straw Hats! Jimbei the First Son of the Sea!

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