[153] Kirchner said in her book La Presidenta that it was all a misunderstanding; it is her sister who suffers from bipolar disorder. [97], The 2009 midterm elections took place a year after the crisis with the farmers. Un vote qui a déclenché des scènes de liesse dans tout le pays.Et aujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’une femme en particulier qui personnifie ce combat pour le droit à l’avortement. There have been claims made that she never graduated, and that she may have worked as a lawyer without having a degree. [27], Néstor Kirchner was elected president in 2003, and she became the First Lady. Les deux textes, distincts, devraient être débattus après le 30 novembre lors de sessions extraordinaires. The couple met in a night club in Panama during Juan Peron's years of exile after being ousted from power in a military coup in 1955. [69], Kirchner was reelected in 2011. [66] The activist Luis D'Elía interrupted one of the demonstrations leading stick-wielding pro-government supporters, who attacked the participants. [141] Kirchner's victory in the 2011 election was used to justify authoritarian policies,[which?] Argentine law enforcement concluded that Nisman's death was a homicide. Investment in these areas decreased, and the generation and distribution networks suffered. The president took more than an hour to congratulate him, and only did so in a passing reference within a routine speech. These remained fixed during the terms of Duhalde and Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, despite the crisis that motivated them having ended. He is regarded as the first president of a national government. [19] The claim has been sent to trial four times, and the judges Norberto Oyarbide, Ariel Lijo, Sergio Torres, and Claudio Bonadio all ruled that she has a degree. There were heated political controversies at the time caused by the decline of the Argentine Revolution military government, the return of the former president Juan Perón from exile, the election of Héctor Cámpora as president of Argentina, and the early stages of the Dirty War. [16] Despite the presence of sympathizers of the Montoneros guerrillas in La Plata, the Kirchners had never been involved themselves. [60], In 2002, Eduardo Duhalde fixed the prices for public services such as electricity, gas and water supply. Peirano was succeeded by Martín Lousteau in December 2007. Fernández married her and moved into her house when Cristina was two years old. Martín Redrado, president of the Central Bank, refused to implement it, and was fired by another decree. [49], Fernández de Kirchner was reelected in 2011, along with Amado Boudou as vice president and the Front for Victory regained control over both chambers of Congress. She served as interim governor of Santa Cruz for a couple of days, after the impeachment of Ricardo del Val in 1990. [111] On the day before his inauguration as pope, Bergoglio, now Francis, had a private meeting with Kirchner. [72] Journalist Jorge Lanata explained the polarization was because the government and its supporters thought they were engaged in a revolution, and this justified being against freedom of the press and other public rights. In Kirchner's case, this step was omitted and the gland was removed directly. She personally chose most of the candidates for deputy in the Congress, favoring members of the Cámpora. [51], They initiated a period of fiscal reform, which included several tax increases, limits to wage increases, but increases in protectionism and reorganization of state-owned enterprises. The death of Néstor Kirchner in 2010 derailed such a plan. It is suspected that Vandenbroele is actually a frontman for Boudou, and that he employed his clout as minister of economy to benefit a company that actually belonged to him. Pour la première fois, un président en place s'investit directement sur le sujet de l'avortement en Argentine. En 2018, sous le mandat de l'ex-président Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), les débats au Parlement avaient déclenché de très nombreuses manifestations pour et contre la légalisation. The proposal was not taken to the Congress, as the FPV still lacked the required two-thirds majority to approve an amendment bill. They were married on 9 May 1975 and had two children: Máximo (born 1977, currently serving as National Deputy for Buenos Aires Province and the first minority leader for Frente de Todos) and Florencia (born 1990). She changed the 2016 budget, increasing spending in several areas (even the broadcasting of soccer matches), despite the huge fiscal deficit. [97], Anthony Mills, deputy director of the International Press Institute, compared the harassment against the press in Argentina with cases in Venezuela and Ecuador. Under this vision, the people are treated like a homogeneous group, with a unified collective will, that the leader interprets beyond the boundaries of parliaments and parties. [100][101], Fernández de Kirchner was part of the "pink tide", a group of populist, left-wing presidents who ruled several Latin American countries in the 2000s. Cristina Fernández was born on 19 February 1953 at Tolosa, a suburb of La Plata, capital of the Buenos Aires Province. He remained highly influential during his wife's term,[34] supervising the economy and leading the PJ. [106], The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War wasce in 2012, and Fernández de Kirchner increased the anti-British sentiment in her rhetoric, reiterating the Argentine claims in the Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute. [27] The Minister of Defense Oscar Camilión was questioned in Congress about the Argentine arms trafficking scandal; Kirchner told him that he had to resign, which he refused to do. This idea was proposed by the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay, and fueled by the reluctance of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) to release her degree. For the Spanish sport shooter, see. [24], Cristina Kirchner was elected deputy for the provincial legislature of Santa Cruz in 1989. US State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said that they were standard tools used in counter-terrorism tactics which were being taught to the Argentine police during the joint operation, and asked for the return of the seized materials. Kirchner dismissed the demonstration, and said that she would continue working as before. The operation was carried out by the Central Bank, but judge Claudio Bonadio believes Fernández de Kirchner is the instigator. [84], Amado Boudou, who served as minister of economy during Kirchner's first term and vice president during the second, was suspected of corruption in 2012 case. la femme du président argentin Une opération de l'armée colombienne pour libérer l'otage des Farc aurait échoué il y a une quinzaine de jours, le camp ayant été retrouvé vide. [158], Vice President and former President of Argentina, "Cristina Fernández" and "Christina Fernandez" redirect here. Néstor Kirchner died in 2010, and she was later reelected in 2011. Un projet de loi légalisant l'avortement jusqu'à 14 semaines de grossesse en Argentine sera débattu après le 30 novembre au Parlement. [27] She resigned her senatorial seat that year and ran for national deputy in the 1997 midterm elections instead. President of the Primera Junta, at the beginning of the Argentine War of Independence. Le président argentin Alberto Fernandez, à Buenos Aires, le 10 décembre 2019. [53] Moyano would later organize a big protest at Plaza de Mayo, with 30,000 people, requesting the abolition of capital gains tax. Details of the case were explained by businessman Carlos Kauffmann and lawyer Moisés Maiónica, who pleaded guilty. [145], Kirchner's health first became a topic of public concern in 2005 when Noticias magazine reported that she might suffer from bipolar disorder. [96], Cristina Kirchner claims that journalistic objectivity does not exist, and that all journalists act on behalf of certain interests. Randazzo did not accept the proposal. In the case of a tie, the vice president, who also serves as president of the Senate but without the right to vote, is required to cast the tie-breaking vote. The government established currency controls that limited the power to buy or sell foreign currencies, especially American dollars. Ideologically, she identifies herself as a Peronist and a social democrat on the Argentine center-left, with her political approach called Kirchnerism. [32] Kirchner lost the election in the large cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario. The idea was rejected by opposition leader Elisa Carrió as a mere conspiracy theory. [31] Kirchner was popular among the suburban working class and the rural poor, while Carrió and Lavagna both received more support from the urban middle class. The city police estimated that the demonstration was attended by 400,000 people. The country had good relations with other South American nations, and severed relations with the western bloc, a local movement known as pink tide. [21] The Kirchners acquired twenty-one land lots at cheap prices as they were about to be auctioned. Argentina lacked a big opposition party since the collapse of the Radical Civic Union in 2001. She met fellow student Néstor Kirchner in 1973. Many Argentines kept their savings in dollars as a hedge against inflation. [16], Cristina had not yet graduated when they moved to Río Gallegos and completed the remaining subjects with distance education. It was criticized as an authoritarian move, as there was no negotiation with Repsol. Un vote qui a déclenché des scènes de liesse dans tout le pays.Et aujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’une femme en particulier qui personnifie ce combat pour le droit à l’avortement. 14/02/20 | RESEAUX SOCIAUX. Un député argentin a été suspendu jeudi pour avoir, lors d’une session parlementaire en visioconférence, embrassé le sein de sa conjointe à ses côtés. [70] People also protested the 2012 Buenos Aires rail disaster, the conflict between Kirchnerism and the media, rising crime rates, and the tight currency controls. [44], In January 2010, Cristina Kirchner created the bicentennial fund employing a necessity and urgency decree in order to pay debt obligations with foreign-exchange reserves. The price of public services remained subsidised, the country lost its self-supply of energy, and she renationalized energy firm YPF as a result. It was criticized as a threat to property rights and the rule of law. Their dispute continued during the 2005 midterm elections. [58][59], According to The Economist, the Kirchners returned Argentina to "economic nationalism and near-autarky". [66] Senator Emilio Rached from Santiago del Estero cast the vote that resulted in a 36–36 tie. Kirchner did not publicly support the proposal, but did not discourage or reject it either. Alors que la question de l'avortement divise la société argentine, le président a annoncé son intention de déposer un nouveau projet de loi en faveur de l'IVG. Argentina lost its self-supply of energy, and had to import it, rather than being able to export surpluses. [67] Farmers had announced that they would continue their demonstrations if the bill was approved without amendments. [124] Fernández de Kirchner can still face trial despite her immunity, while legislators also have the choice to strip her of immunity. She became influenced by Peronism, left-wing politics, and anti-imperialism. [91] The Noble siblings tests in 2011 were negative,[89] and the case was closed in January 2016, after Kirchner left the presidency. [114], Argentina suffered a terrorist attack in 1994, the AMIA bombing targeting a Buenos Aires Jewish center, that killed 85 people and wounded 300. [40] The Peronist party also won eight of the nine elections for governor held that day, increased their number of senators, and obtained the majority in the chamber of deputies, including the number of legislators needed for quorum. [31] With Kirchner leading all the pre-election polls by a wide margin, her challengers focused on forcing her into a ballotage. [43] The nationalization was justified by the president as government protectionism during the crisis, and compared with the bank bailouts in Europe and the United States. Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is facing new corruption charges, with a judge asking for her arrest. [30], The presidential election was held on 28 October 2007. [124] Human Rights Watch claims, based mainly on reports and testimonies made by the ex-secretary-general of Interpol Ronald Noble, that these charges have no grounds. [52] Hugo Moyano, main union leader, who was a strong supporter of kirchnerism, began to oppose the President. Cristina proposed to move to Río Gallegos, Néstor's home city, but he delayed their departure until his graduation on 3 July 1976. [16] She attended high school at Popular Mercantil and Misericordia schools. Des centaines de personnes sont descendues dans la rue à Buenos Aires pour dire au revoir à la star du football argentin, décédée mercredi d'une crise cardiaque. [73] A similar view was held by Kirchner's loyalists. There are also logs of minor cases where she acted as a lawyer. [38] On 21 June 2011, she announced that she would run for a second term as president. The standard procedure in these operations is to expose the thyroid gland so that a pathologist can take a sample, analyze it looking for carcinogenic cells, and then decide whether it needs to be removed. Meanwhile in Argentina: During a virtual Congress session, lawmaker Juan Emilio Ameri pulled down his partner's shirt and started kissing her breasts. Au cas où la fonction de président de la Nation devenait vacante, c'est le président provisoire du Sénat qui est chargé de l'intérim. Sur l’écran géant installé au Parlement, lors de ces séances où seuls une partie des députés sont présents physiquement et alors que l’un d’entre eux a pris la parole, une femme apparaît sur la vignette d’écran au côté de Juan Emilio Ameri, qui l’enserre de son bras. Monde Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence. [149][150] Eduardo Duhalde said that Néstor Kirchner once confided in him that she had a bipolar disorder, while she was having a violent outburst. Báez denied any wrongdoing. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner (Spanish pronunciation: [kɾisˈtina elisaˈβet ferˈnandes ðe ˈkiɾʃneɾ] (); born 19 February 1953), often referred to by her initials CFK, is an The first big demonstration (a cacerolazo) took place in September 2012. Mauricio Macri (/mauˈɾisjo ˈmakɾi/), né le 8 février 1959 à Tandil, est un homme d'affaires et homme d'État argentin, président de la Nation argentine depuis le 10 décembre 2015. [112][113] Página/12 removed their controversial articles about Bergoglio, written by Horacio Verbitsky, from their web page, as a result of this change. She also previously served as the 51st President of Argentina from 2007 to 2015[5] and the first lady during the tenure of her husband, Néstor Kirchner. [156] On 5 October 2013, doctors ordered Kirchner to rest for a month after they found blood on her brain caused by a head injury she received on 8 August 2012. 43 minutes depuis. Le président argentin Alberto Fernandez place un maillot sur le cercueil de la légende du football Diego Maradona au palais présidentiel Casa Rosada, à Buenos Aires. Il semblerait que la tendance ait quelque peu changé en 2020. [47] It was later expanded to cover other disadvantaged groups. [79], Several scandals took place during the Kirchner administration. Le président argentin, élu en octobre 2019, a rappelé qu'en soumettant ce projet de loi il remplissait "une promesse" de campagne électorale. [46], In an attempt to combat poverty, the government introduced in 2009 the Universal Child Allowance, a cash transfer program to parents who are unemployed or in the informal economy. [118] Lázaro Báez who has close ties with the Kirchners was detained in April 2016 as it was suspected that he might flee escape. [83] General illegal drug trade grew in Argentina during Kirchnerism, and saw Mexican and Colombian syndicates working with Peruvian and Bolivian smugglers. [21] The firm worked for banks and financial groups that filed eviction lawsuits, which had a growing rate at the time because the 1050 ruling of the Central Bank had increased the interest rates for mortgage loans. Journalist Nelson Castro investigated further and discovered that the psychiatrist was Alejandro Lagomarsino, who died in 2011. [28] As a result, she made a name for herself as a troublemaker. About US$1 million of her assets was frozen while Bonadio investigated the case. [131][132], Cristina Kirchner is considered to be a populist leader[133][134] and, like other contemporary populists in Latin America, built a system of propaganda to legitimize her actions: the Relato K.[135] This propaganda works around a number of usual themes: the glorification of the state to the detriment of the individual rights; use of conspiracy theories to explain mistakes as attacks from others; blaming neoliberalism for the poverty; and glorifying democracy in speeches while maintaining only the appearance of it (procedural democracy). She also continued her husband's human rights policies, and had a rocky relationship with the press. [87] Báez is also linked with the Kirchners to the Hotesur scandal, a suspected case of money laundering. Menem ended his term of office in 1999 and was replaced by Fernando de la Rúa. Marín argued: "For us, agriculture is the economy". [122], In December 2017, Judge Bonadio indicted her and charged her with high treason. [90], Another related investigation involved the fate of the children of captured pregnant guerrillas, who were given up for adoption by the military junta. [142] Laclau's vision of the people has been criticized by other writers[who?] Départ en exil. [94] On the other hand, the country's largest selling newspaper Clarín, published by the Clarín Group, is not aligned with the government. AUTONOMISATION DES FEMMES: Ce qu’en dit le président Macky Sall. She wrote a book called Sinceramente, which was published in 2019. [137] This division is used to justify the rejection of those described as being against the people, and to polarize the population. [65], In March 2008, Kirchner introduced a new sliding-scale taxation system for agricultural exports, so that rates fluctuated with international prices. Le président … because it left little room for opposition or criticism, and because the citizen is actually reduced to a mere spectator unable to contest government policies. Many FPV legislators, such as Rubén Marín, opposed the bill. However, due to the Pope's popularity in Argentina, Kirchner made what the political analyst Claudio Fantini called a "Copernican shift" in her relations with him and fully embraced the Francis phenomenon. One of those cases was the Noble siblings case, involving the adopted sons of Ernestina Herrera de Noble, owner of the Clarín newspaper. [151], During the United States diplomatic cables leak it was revealed that Hillary Clinton questioned Kirchner's mental health and asked the US embassy whether she was receiving treatment or not;[152] she later apologized to Kirchner for those leaks. One of those actions was a selective use of state advertising, to benefit the media aligned with the government. Monde Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence. Minister Julio Alak said that extending an injunction that allowed Clarín Group to keep its assets during the trial would be an insurrection, and it was rumored that judges who did not rule as the government wished might face impeachment. During the transition period, Macri reported that Fernández de Kirchner was creating obstacles and problems in an attempt to undermine his government. [157] She was re-admitted to hospital and had successful surgery on 8 October 2013 to remove blood from under a membrane covering her brain. [25] She organized Néstor's political campaign when he was elected governor of Santa Cruz in 1991. Les députés argentins ont adopté, vendredi, le projet de loi autorisant l'interruption volontaire de grossesse, deux ans après un premier rejet de la part du Sénat. Choix de consentement © Copyright 20 Minutes - La fréquentation de 20 Minutes est certifiée par l’ACPM, Les perspectives économiques mondiales moins catastrophiques que prévu, estime le FMI, Bolivie : Le gouvernement de transition accuse Morales d’une liaison avec une mineure, Un député argentin embrasse le sein de sa femme pendant une visioconférence, La visioconférence a été suspendue après que le représentant a embrassé le sein nu de la jeune femme, présente à côté de lui, S’inscrire aux newsletters de 20 Minutes, - La fréquentation de 20 Minutes est certifiée par l’ACPM, Résultats régionales et départementales. [36] Media observers suspected that Mr. Kirchner stepped down as president to circumvent the term limit, swapping roles with his wife. as those policies would be the general will; opposition and criticism was often described as antidemocratic or even as the plotting of a coup d'état. Although inflation was nearing 25% and on the rise, Boudou did not consider it a significant problem. [16] Three of her grandparents were Spanish immigrants, specifically from Galicia[17] and the other was born in Argentina in a family of German background. Que risque-t-on à diffuser des images sexuelles d’autrui sans son accord ? President Isabel Perón was unable to command the support of any powerful group, let alone construct a necessary coalition, and the political and economic situation in Argentina worsened. Girard, Aidenbaum… Des démissions et la fin du silence à la mairie ? [93], Soccer broadcasting was nationalized on the program Fútbol para todos and then filled with pro-government advertisements. Of the twelve ministers appointed, seven had been ministers in Néstor Kirchner's government, while the other five took office for the first time. She began her college studies at the National University of La Plata. She said this a few days after accusing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant of similar assassination plans against her. Wilhelm was a single mother. 18 December 1810 26 August 1811 President of the Junta Grande. The government argued that the new taxes would allow for a better redistribution of wealth, and keep down the food prices. However, YPF was unable to afford the costs to exploit the oil at the site, and the rights to drill at Vaca Muerta were sold to the Chevron Corporation. [16] Cristina and Néstor married in a civil ceremony on 9 May 1975. Julio Cobos voted against the bill, which was then rejected, saying that: "My vote is not in favor, my vote is against". It also claimed the farmers were staging a coup d'état against Kirchner. [67] Farmers argued that the high taxes made cultivation unviable. Eduardo Fernández, a bus driver, was anti-Peronist and Wilhelm was a Peronist union leader. [110] Kirchner ignored the referendum. Argentina's Kirchner and Pope Francis meet in Rome", "La nota completa que Página/12 intento borrar", "One year on, Nisman death still roils Argentina's Jews", "Cristina Kirchner 'creating as many problems as possible for the new government, "Cristina Kirchner refuses to attend Mauricio Macri's inauguration", "Former Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner indicted over currency trade that lost billions", "Kirchnerite businessman arrested; faces charges of money laundering and fiscal fraud", "Argentina ex-minister arrested over cash bags at monastery", "Argentina ex-leader Cristina Fernandez charged in corruption case", "Argentina Reopens Probe of Kirchner Related to 1994 Bombing", "Argentine ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner charged with treason", "Argentina ex-leader on trial for alleged cover-up in bombing", "Argentina: Far-Fetched 'Treason' Charges Against Ex-Officials", "Interpol enterró el corazón de la causa por el Memorándum con Irán: punto final a la historia de las alertas rojas Nuevo informe que demuestra que CFK y Timerman nunca intentaron beneficiar a los iraníes", "Former Interpol Chief Says Argentina Bungled Investigation of '94 Attack (Published 2017)", "Argentina: A New Political Party Further Divides the Opposition", "Macri ally gains ground in Argentina Senate election against Fernandez", "Argentina's Macri Wins Big Endorsement in Midterm Elections", "Argentine Congress welcomes 24 new senators this Wednesday", "Is Populism Making a Comeback in Latin America? [147], Castro's investigation revealed that Kirchner was treated by Lagomarsino for a short period. [74] A week later, Kirchner announced a proposed amendment of the Argentine judiciary. Le Sénat argentin va débattre mardi d’un projet de loi qui, s’il est adopté, ferait du pays de loin le plus grand d’Amérique latine à légaliser l’avortement. The first involved the detention of Venezuelan-American businessman Antonini Wilson in an airport after being found with a suitcase filled with $800,000. According to a criminal complaint by opposition deputy Margarita Stolbizer, his company Valle Mitre S.A. has rented 1,100 rooms per month, for years, at the Hotesur and Alto Calafate hotels, but without occupying them. [20], Néstor established a law firm that Cristina joined in 1979. [144] Following the death of her husband, she dressed in black for over three years. President Kirchner, who had undergone brain surgery some weeks before, was hospitalized during the election and unable to join the campaign. After this she nationalised private pension funds, and fired the president of the Central Bank. Estabas en sesión y logeado !! Three bills were controversial: the first proposed to limit injunctions against the state; the second would include people selected in national elections on the body that appoints or removes judges; the third would create a new court that would limit the number of cases heard by the Supreme Court. However, many legislators gave priority to the local agendas of their provinces as their economies depended heavily on agriculture. [16] The 1976 Argentine coup d'état took place the following year. [38] It was the largest victory percentage in national elections since 1983. Les images ont été vues plusieurs centaines de milliers de fois dans le pays, souvent accompagnées de commentaires acerbes. [3] There have been more than 500 people sentenced, and 1,000 convicted, in a process that was unprecedented in Latin America. Both Fernández de Kirchner and her former interior minister Florencio Randazzo wanted to run for senator for the Buenos Aires Province at the 2017 midterm elections. This would effectively raise levies on soybean exports from 35% to 44% at the time of the announcement. Her mother got them administrative jobs at her union. [120] On 27 December 2016, Federal Judge Julián Ercolini ordered the freezing of US$633 million of Fernández de Kirchner's assets and approved charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration against her. This scenario would have had Cristina standing down in favor of Néstor in 2011, and Néstor would in turn hand the FPV candidacy back to Cristina in 2015. They exchanged gifts and lunched together. The attempt to increase taxes on agricultural exports caused a conflict with the agricultural sector and protests broke out. Cette page liste les chefs d'État argentins depuis l'indépendance de l'Argentine.Le titre officiel depuis l'investiture de Bernardino Rivadavia en 1826, est président de la Nation argentine [1]. [72] They protested a variety of issues such as those of the previous demonstration, as well as the growing rate of inflation and the corruption scandals. [39], The elections took place on 23 October. 13 minutes depuis. However, with 13 challengers splitting the vote, Kirchner won the election decisively in the first round with just over 45% of the vote, compared to 23% for Elisa Carrió (candidate for the Civic Coalition) and 17% for former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna. The 18F demonstration took place a month after his death. These hotels, located in the city of El Calafate, belong to the Kirchners. They were joined on 25 March by thousands of pot-banging demonstrators massed around the Buenos Aires Obelisk and the presidential palace. The court extended the inunction. [35] Their marriage has been compared with those of Juan and Eva Perón and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Businessman Leonardo Fariña said in an interview that he helped businessman Lázaro Báez to divert money from public works, and take it to a financial firm located in the Madero Center luxury hotel. [35][36][37], When Néstor Kirchner refused to run for re-election in 2007 and proposed his wife instead, it was rumored that they could alternate in the presidency for the next 12 years to circumvent the constitutional limit of two consecutive terms. [136] The political world is divided in two halves, the people and those against the people, with the Kirchners described as the saviors of the people. The company received tax breaks to pay its debts, and was selected to print banknotes of the Argentine peso. Vendredi dernier en Argentine, s’est tenu un vote qui pourrait un jour faire date. He introduced her to political debates. [71], A larger demonstration, the 8N, took place two months later. Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, she studied law at the University of La Plata, and moved to Patagonia with her husband Néstor Kirchner upon graduation.

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